Alphazin C+ It is the energy booster for you daily activities. It will make you fresh, energized, relieve your pains and give you hours of natural energy and that great feeling of alertness. Go order your packet of pure energy boost here. Flatten Your stomach, Get Rid of Toxins, Speed Up Your Metabolism and Boost Your Immunity WITHOUT Strict Dieting !  - Free Shipping -

Why Choose Us?

C+ is the ONE STEP METABOLISM BOOSTER  Everything is produced by natural plant leafs, and there has not been any added sugar, colors or any artificial ingredients to our products. It is directly from the tree's and bushes to our lab, and then to you.

BENEFITS of C+ With just ONE GREEN PILL a Day You Can Banish Bloating, Get energized, and Start to Feel Pounds Lighter!

DETOXIFY YOUR BODY - just ONE C+ is like drinking 6 cups worth of green tea antioxidants.

BEAT FATIGUE - Power through your day with a clean boost of energy, minus side effects like hypertension, nervousness or "jitters."

BURN MORE CALORIES - Feel the burn! The amino acids in Cebidex Alphazin C+ fire up your body's built-in calorie burning process, so you can shed calories even when you're not in the gym

BOOST IMMUNITY - The easiest way to get your daily defense! Sickness and colds don't stand a chance against Alphazin's many essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals.


Many Scandinavian Marathon, Xman, Triatlon and sport runner´s use Alphazin C+ to ease up the pain in there joints. And they enjoy the natural energy-boost that comes with the use. I recommend it !

Katie Søderby - Head of Triathlon A D org. Stockholm
local runner and triathlete

About Us

Peter Rauslyft

Bioanalyst and laboratory technologists

The use of concentrated green tea (camomil) and the Java Tea freshly collected leafs combinede with yerba Mate extracts.

We realized while on a run in northern Spain after a cup of strong herbal mix green tea, that it makes a big difference in your blood circulation and we then used our extensive research on Java tea in the company to come up with the "painkiller and Energizer" that we neded to help us perform. Then we worked on the development of a clean air low temp dry solution so that the leafs, keep there fresh vitamins and healthiness, while preserved for your use. Now that it has been solved you can experience that great feeling of extra power at the same time of less pain in your daily life, we experienced years ago in that mountain valley